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We started off as a one-stop service corporation rendered our platform to overseas companies. Our Platform allows overseas companies who wish to promote or showcase their products in Singapore. 


Since then we started off by promoting WTF stickers ( which are a sticker for mobile phones and it was exclusively distributed into the Challenger Retail Shops in Singapore, Groovy IT Accessories and i-Flame windproof lighter.

Since then, the company have expanded and starting to make a presence in petrol stations like ESSO and major bookstores like Popular. In 2015 the company have reached a new stage reaching out new distribution channels such as IT giants like Challenger, Best Denki, Courts, 7-11, SPC, E-Mart (ST logistic). 


Together hand in hand with our Logistics & Supply Chain partners and with strong backing from the Major Banks in Singapore, Malaysia. We had acquired rights to distribute Xiaomi Accessories, 1 More Accessory and Quaddro Accessories since 2017. In 2018 we had added more brands to our shoulder like Amazfit, YI Technology, Big Wipe, Mizzo,90Fun, U’REVO.


Till today with more than 1000 distribution points in Singapore alone, the products will be featured prominently across the island and the company is also reaching out to the regional countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and many more.

In the 2019 we have gotten YEELIGHT (Smart IOT Lighting) for distribution in Malaysia and Singapore.

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